Windy Days Are Fun!

Windy Days Are Fun!

Hello Golfers!

A message from Adam Miller, Teaching Professional at Kingsway Country Club. As anyone has seen in the last month or so, it is windy here in SW Florida during the winter months! This can be a really fun challenge and I want to talk about your mindset when going days when that wind is gusting!

Remember these words, “Golf is a challenge, not a chore.”

This game is recreational, and if you look at adverse weather conditions as a new challenge, rather than a daunting task, you will learn to love the game even more. The best players in the history of the game have always thrived in the worst of conditions because they believe they have already beaten half of the field, just by having a positive outlook on the day.

Next time you’re scheduled to play on one of these blustery days, embrace the day and have some fun! Good luck and play well!

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