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Swing Easy When It’s Breezy!

Swing Easy When It’s Breezy!

As many of you have seen, the fall/winter weather is moving into Southwest Florida. This means cooler temperatures and more wind! Although it is much more comfortable to play in, the wind creates a whole new challenge on the golf course. There are a couple things you can do to help manage the wind and control your golf ball on those blustery days.

1. SWING EASY! Slower swing speeds create less spin and lower ball flights. Wind will not affect a ball that is flying lower with less spin due to the lack of resistance.

2. Take one more club. It is a good habit to always take one more club than the yardage and learn to hit it a little softer. This concept well help your tempo as well as creating a controlled shot when the wind is gusting.

3. Play for the middle of the green. When the wind is a major factor on the course, we want to avoid the big penalty and the high score. This is where course management can make a huge difference. Even though you want to fire right at the flag to hit the “hero” shot, it is wise to aim for the middle of the green. Par is your friend.

Keep this in mind as we head into the winter months and you will enjoy shooting better scores. Good luck and play well!

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