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Fairway Bunker Shots

Fairway Bunker Shots

Hitting the ball in a fairway bunker doesn’t mean you have to make a bogey! A fairway bunker shot can be played the same as a shot from the short grass, as long as you know what to do.

First, take one more club that you usually would for the yardage and choke down on the club by a half-inch.

Second, play the ball back in your stance, this will help to ensure that you make contact with the ball first. In this case, “thin to win” couldn’t be more true. A golfer is much better off hitting a fairway bunker shot a little thin rather than hitting the sand first.

Third, keep a quiet lower body. We need to hit the ball first, and it is beneficial to eliminate any extra movement in the lower body.

Put these together and you will see more solid contact from the bunker and fewer bogeys from those errant tee shots.

Good luck and play well!

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